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The Indonesian government invites APEC member countries to make efficient travel arrangements for citizens between APEC members in order to increase tourist visits.

This is done so that citizens’ trips between APEC countries become easier and faster without reducing the comfort aspect. This was conveyed by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu after a meeting of the Dialogue on the High Level of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in the field of Travel Facilitation (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, High-Level Policy Dialogue on Travel Facilitation) in Bali, October 1, 2013. Let’s say Indonesia’s tourism sector requires cross-ministerial cooperation and commitment so that the problems faced in the sector can be resolved as soon as possible. Mari also explained that Indonesia’s tourism sector was constrained by several things, including air transportation problems related to airport infrastructure development and visa problems. “The biggest obstacle is the visa, the government should immediately provide a free visa program so that it can attract foreign countries to invest here. In addition, it must be supported by existing technology so that the process becomes fast,” Mari said. state trade and investment. Indonesia currently continues to enhance cooperation with ASEAN countries and APEC countries in facilitating visa applications. Not only Visa, the problem of technological cooperation systems such as the auto gate must also be implemented immediately. For example, in Cengkareng (Soekarno Hatta Airport) you can register your name and your passport, so there is no need to go to immigration and can go online. Exchange of data on people and technology systems with good cooperation between countries can facilitate APEC’s journey and without ignoring the security system in our country, foreign countries will feel comfortable in Indonesia, “said Mari Elka Pangestu. Added by several developed countries such as America and Australia has applied an electronic visa to speed up the journey. “The provision of electronic visas is very good, to make it easier for us to use it, such as buying airline tickets that are already equipped with numbers,” he said. “Tourism growth occupies the highest position in the Asia Pacific region. In Indonesia alone, tourism occupies the five largest contributors to the export of goods and services to foreign exchange. For this reason, increasing facilitation in increasing tourism travel needs to be carried out between institutions such as immigration, finance, transportation, transportation, and security. Facilitating growth requires coordination with various fields such as law and human rights, customs and excise, tourism, and transportation, “said Mari. Furthermore, Mari explained that the meeting also discussed a number of breakthroughs on the use of visas that were considered successful, namely the APEC Business Travel Card, which is the APEC business travel card that allows users to get special routes. In addition, there is also cooperation that involves transferring technology and exchanging data between countries, namely accelerating the process of a permit for tourists visiting APEC member countries. Meanwhile, customs classifies visitors or items included in the trusted category. “Hopefully, leaders can encourage agencies related to tourism, transportation, immigration, customs, and security to work together in realizing the initiatives of the APEC economic leaders to realize the APEC travel facilitation initiative,” said Mari. UN Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization Taleb Rifai added, the WTO UN study said that travel facilities and connectivity would certainly be able to increase revenues in APEC countries. Discussion of APEC High-Level Policy Dialogue on Travel Facilitation formulates a joint agreement to strengthen the connectivity or connectivity of goods, services, and people through tourism synergy. The focus of the discussion included visa facilitation, increased passenger information, trusted tourist programs and environmentally friendly airport programs. Furthermore, this joint agreement was recommended at the APEC Leaders Declaration which was held on October 6-8, 2013.

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