Menopausal Brittle Nails

Women that are dealing with perimenopause, or that are postmenopausal, may well have brittle nails as a result of reduced estrogen levels.

Estrogen is a vital component of a reproductive hormone in a females’s body, that manages the body’s water composition.

When estrogen levels fall in a woman’s body it becomes dehydrated and this in turn causes water in the nails to dry out. When this happens the nail becomes weak and is susceptible to splitting and breaking.


The Part Estrogen Plays For Healthy Nails

The hormonal changes that women undergo during the course of menopause account for turning beautiful, well-manicured nails into an unappealing spectacle.

Nails grow from their roots, referred to as the lunula, which is the white semicircle area of the nail. Fingernails and toenails are forged from a protein known as “keratin.”

Estrogen plays a critical role in managing water retention for a woman’s entire body. The typically lower estrogen levels that are experienced throughout menopause, can throw off the finely tuned moisture balance and protein cell structure of the nails.


Characteristics of Brittle Nails

Dry, brittle nails are the typical symptom of menopause. They are typically experienced by all ‘change of life’ women.

Dehydration is a prevalent aging complication so It is essential for menopausal women to always keep body tissues hydrated. As estrogen levels decline the water needed to keep the body working normally is affected.

For women, before menopausal age, and that have consistently had healthy nails, they might not recognize the signs of unhealthy nails.

Characteristics of brittle nails include:

  • Dry, inflexible feeling
  • Cracking, breaking, chipping
  • Nails seem sunken, not plump
  • Nails curl around the finger tip
  • Nail colours can change to a yellowish type tint
  • Nail Fungus Issues

All is not lost as there are natural home remedy as well as lifestyle changes that can certainly save menopausal nails. Some tips include:

  • Protect The Hands: Keep hands and nails hydrated. Use hand cream that consists of lanolin or alpha-hydroxy, and massage nails and cuticles. Wear rubber gloves to protect hands and nails, particularly when your hands are immersed in water with detergents.
  • Nail Polish: Nail polish,¬†especially if the polish contains lanolin or keratin, can strengthen nails.
  • Water: Replenish the skin and nails by drinking lots of water daily to hydrate the body.


Nutritional Aid

A healthy and well balanced diet regimen is the champion of healthy nails because much needed nutrients are extracted from good wholesome foods.

Add foods or nutritional supplement that comprise of vitamin C, protein, folic acid, and calcium to your daily diet.

Include fish such as tuna, herring, mackerel, and salmon that are rich in omega 6 fatty acids.

Dairy products such as natural yogurt, milk and cheese that are high in calcium promote bone and protein building which helps to rejuvenate the nails.

Eating lush green vegetables will greatly improve the health of your nails as they are rich in vitamin E. Taking minerals such as magnesium that is found in many varieties of assorted nuts. Foods such as soy, whole grains, seaweed, legumes, fruits, seeds and some vegetables can improve your nails health and other menopausal symptoms.


Herbal Natural remedies

Natural herbs in tea or supplement form are shown to improve the health of brittle nails. Make use of them.

Taking herbs such as Horsetail, Nettle and Comfrey can also strengthen nail layers due to the fact that they are all a natural source of silicon.

Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that will enhance general health in addition to improving the health of your nails. The oil goes a long way in healing nail splitting, drying, and cracking.

Various other natural herbs that assist to rejuvenate brittle nails are green tea, reishi mushrooms, milk thistle, tea tree oil, and cat’s claw.


Essential Natural Oils

Organic oils are an excellent food source. They help deal with dry, brittle nails caused by a drop in estrogen levels.

Coconut oil is packed with incredible antioxidants that regulate and fight free radicals.

Argan oil with a little bit of lemon juice, moisturizes, reinforces, and protects our nails. Soaking for 15 minutes, using both oils, can help brittle nails return to life.


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