Getting Rid Of Toenail Fungus


What Is Toenail Fungus?

Be very wary if your toenails start to change colour. It could well be a fungus infection that is causing it (Onychomycosis). Although these infections are relatively easy to get, getting rid of toenail fungus infections is a whole different matter!

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Toenail fungus develops due to long exposure to warm and moist conditions. The fungi gets into nails cell structure through small cracks or cuts in skin. Common symptoms tend to be thickening or brittle nails that are dull or yellow in colour.

If the infection spreads then serious pain in your toes could ensue as the nail becomes detached from the nail bed. Often, a foul smell develops.


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Getting Rid of Toenail Fungus

More than 30Mil people across the USA suffer from either finger or toenail fungus infections. It is a very serious issue for many and getting rid of toenail fungus is very difficult.

Many suffers are quick to think that the best fungi product must be a toenail fungus prescription medication. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

The best over the counter toenail fungus treatments have formulated natural ingredients that use the power of nature. Nature is extremely powerful at getting rid of toenail fungus!

ZetaClear is an all natural solution that is generally regarded as the best product for toenail fungus treatment.



How Good Is ZetaClear At Getting Rid Of Toenail Fungus?

Zeta Clear is extremely good at getting rid of toenail fungus. It is a double acting combination product. It combines the use of both topical and oral treatments to kill the toenail fungus over a period of time.

Clear Nail Solution: Topical Use

Apply directly on the affected nail. It works under the nail and on the skin around it. The solution clears helps clear the nail of its yellowish colour and treats the skin around around the nail by softening and smoothing it.

Nail Fungus Solution: Oral Use

The oral solution is a homoeopathic remedy. It helps treat the fungal infection and provides relief from various symptoms including discoloured, brittle and painful toenails.

Using natural remedies to get rid of toenail fungus is probably the safest and most effective way to treat the condition. Zeta Clear is clinically proven and FDA approved to kill fungus. It is a leader in its field and is regarded as probably the best over the counter toenail fungus treatment in its class.

Zeta Clear is designed to:

  1. Kill Nail Fungus (Finger & Toe)
  2. Clear Yellow Keratin Debris From The Nail
  3. Apply Easily To Effected Areas Using A Topical Brush
  4. Be Natural, Safe & Effective


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The All Natural Ingredients Of ZetaClear

The Oral Spray

The Oral Spray contains a 20% alcohol base within its natural homoeopathic make up. Zetclear is not considered a child friendly treatment.

Each ingredient has a proven facet that when combined are ideal as a complete formulated treatment for getting rid of toenail fungus conditions.

Antimonium crudum
Reduces skin sensitivity and redness around the nail whilst treating and soothing the dryness

Arsenicum album
Promotes the healing of any open wounds and is a very powerful fungal growth inhibitor

Relieves itching and is known for its antiseptic properties.

Works to reverse the discolouration of the damaged nail back to its natural healthy white look

Thujа Ocidentalis
Works to soften the nail and reverse its brittleness. It fights chronic infections that could be present in and around the nail.

Nіtrісum Aсіdum
Works to promote healthy blood circulation to the nail bed and acts as a natural painkiller.



The Topical Solution

The topical solution is an all natural formula that includes many essential oils and vitamins that combine to help treat the toenail fungus and make the nail more healthy and smooth.

Undecylenic acid
This is in fact a derivative of castor oil and is a powerful ingredient due to its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

Tree tea oil
This is a very powerful anti-fungi agent

Citronella oil
The oil helps maintain a healthy level of moisture in the skin through the healing process and has many anti fungal properties.

Jojoba Oіl
Like Citronella. Jojoba moisturises and nourishes the skin through the healing process.

Clove oil
This is a fungicidal oil that helps relieve infection(s)

Lavender oil
In its purest form, lavender oil will heel the fungal affected nail very fast.

Almond Oil
Acts as a moisturiser and promotes good blood circulation in and around the nail and nail bed.

Vitamin E Oil
Helps diminish any signs of scarring that might have taken place as the result of damaged skin.


Getting Rid Of Toenail Fungus With Zeta Clear Treatment


How Do You Take ZetaClear?

The manufacturer provides excellent instructions in how to use it and when to use it. It is very easy to follow.

For the Spray
It is clearly directed to spray twice under the tongue three times per day. This is for adults and children above the age of 12.

For the Topical Solution
It is recommended to thoroughly apply oil with the brush to affected area(s) three times daily.


Does Getting Rid Of Toenail Fungus Take A Long Time?

Generally speaking, if the toenail is at the early stages of fungal infection and Zeta Clear is used, the condition should be reversed within 3 months or so.

Obviously, everything depends how bad the condition is and how well you keep to the regiment of treatment.

If you are long into the condition and the nail is starting to detach from the nail bed, the treatment will take much longer. However, again, it is reversible.

In the most serious conditions, provided you follow the regiment as instructed, it may take up to to  6 months to overcome and reverse the condition.


Where To Buy
ZetaClear Toenail Fungus Treatment

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Further Reading:

Nail Fungus Problems


The Manifestation Of Nail Fungus & Other Conditions

Generally speaking, those that do not suffer from nail fungus, only look after their finger and toe nails in the cosmetic sense. It has more to do with appearance than anything else.

Fingernails are visible the majority of the time, and during the summer, people are most likely to wear open sandals that flaunt their toe nails.

What you may not understand, however, is that the condition of your nails influences far more than exactly how you look. Getting rid of toenail fungus and that of the fingernail can be extremely difficult.

Your finger nails, in particular, are a vulnerable part of your physical body and are susceptible to a variety of conditions as well as unhealthy inherent problems.

When your finger nails are unhealthy, it has the tendency to be a symptomatic sign that further ill-health within the body is at play. Never underestimate the detriment to your overall inner bodily health if nail fungus or others conditions pertaining to your nails manifest.

Look out for these 11 typical nail conditions…


Nail Infections

Among one of the most prevalent nail issues, nail diseases materialize when grime and micro organisms get below the finger nail. Infections that get to the nail bed can be excruciating and can lead to swelling or puss pockets developing around the nail.

Avoid Nail Fungus By Bathing Fingers Image

Usually nail infections can be avoided or dealt with at home with simply slight unpleasantness. It is most ideal to minimize altering the nail and to avoid seeking to remove * the visible section of the infection with clippers or various other devices.

The nail ought to simply be immersed in warm and comfortable water several times a day. See a doctor for medication if the infection continues.


Nail Fungus

A great deal of men and women get nail fungus at least once in their life-time. Fungi is found and thrives throughout, so your feet and hands are subjected to it naturally.

The difficulty with nail fungus infection affecting your nails can be nominal, or it can grow to become a more significant issue.

Fingernail Fungus Conditions ImageAll you probably need to do is wash in warm water regularly until it goes away if you just have a spot or two of fungus under your nails. As your nails grow, they may most likely force the fungus out anyhow.

If the nail fungus appears to spread or grow, you may want to take further steps. When the fungus infection begins to change characteristics of your nails, such as their colour or density, see a medical doctor to discover your choices before the condition becomes severe.


Nail Clubbing

Taking place progressively over time, nail clubbing develops as the distal section elevates up and rounds out. As a result, the end of the fingernail and the finger appear swollen and rounded.

The bed underneath the nail may well not support the nail as securely, resulting in the nail to become looser and to spring pretty much like a sponge when squeezed.

Nail clubbing might be a sign of:

  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Systemic Disorder



A bit of a misnomer, hangnails occur when the skin along the edge of the nail tears or is otherwise damaged.

Occasionally this induces bleeding and can induce relentless, low-grade discomfort. Merely cleanse a hangnail and administer an anti-biotic ointment to safeguard against contagion. The skin layer will rejuvenate itself.


Split or Peeling Nails

You will notice if any of your nails split or peel. The problem might be unpleasant and often tends to be apparent. Typically, split or peeling nails transpire whenever the nails are brittle and too dry.

Nail Splitting & Peeling Image

This is typical and if often triggered in part by immersing and afterwards drying the hands (and naturally, nails) too often.

When the painted or polished finger nails are adorned, removed, and redecorated usually it can have the same drying effect. Be gentler when trimming, cleansing, and painting your nails. Use gloves when immersing your hands in hot water.


Nail Psoriasis

Caused simply by an over active body immune system, skin psoriasis can spill over into your nails and develop changes in colour, density, and the surface area of your nails. You may notice pitting or depressions in your nails.

FINGER Nail Fungus Image


Yellow Discolored Nails

Much more prevalent in the toe nails, discolouration that resembles yellow is commonly the consequence of a hidden medical problem. There are numerous treatment options for yellowed nail problems given that they are rather common.

Yellow nails can be caused by:

  • Diabetic issues
  • Severe Inflammation
  • Fungus Infection
  • Compromised Body Immune System
  • Blood circulation Issues

If your nails appear yellow and are additionally growing brittle, fractured, or dried-up, you ought to see a medical doctor to eliminate disorders such as these. Naturally, your yellow nails might likewise be the end result of a nail polish you have recently removed, in which case you ought to merely cleanse them a few times.


Beau’s Lines.

Dubbed after the gentleman who initially chronicled them, Beau’s lines are linear indentations in the nails. They run horizontally and rise from the bottom of the nail as it grows outward. One can evaluate for how long the lines have existed derived off of just how far up the nail they are.

Beau’s Lines Finger Nail Fungus Infections

Beau’s lines are symptomatic of a number of disorders and are best removed by simply taking care of the underlying condition.

Prevalent primary conditions for Beau’s lines include:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Liver Disease
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Badly Regulated Metabolic Process (such as Diabetic Issues)


Known as lifted nails, onycholysis is when the nail separates from the nail bed. It raises itself up away from the finger. Typically an uncomfortable disorder lifted nails develop for an assortment of factors.

In some cases nails lift as an aspect of additional problems, such as a fungal infection or skin psoriasis. Typically, nails lift in response to extreme hardening or over-exposure to chemicals (like those used in nail polishes).


Half and Half Coloured Nails

Nails that are pigmented half one colour and half another. They commonly signal that something pertaining to a change in your general health and wellness has taken place within the body. You should see a medical doctor as soon as possible. This is because half and half coloured nails might be a symptom of aplastic anemia, systematic conditions, and much more.


Bluish Nails

Any kind of discolouration of the nails is a sign that something really isn’t quite right internally. Bluish nails are among the most usual colour changes, however, and are frequently very treatable.

When there are issues in the blood or in the circulatory system, nails begin to appear bluish. A medical professional can generally diagnose such problems very quickly. Once medical treatment is administered your nails will revert back to normal.